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Traveling Program

2024-2025 Travel Tryout Registration


U8-U11: July 16-17, 2024

U12-U19: July 27-29, 2024


PLSC Travel Program Pathway by AGE

Use the links below to find detailed information about the offerings at each age group/birth year.  Ability to offer programming at each level is subject to registration numbers. 


Links to more information

For more details about the traveling program, select the age group link to learn more.

U8 Traveling

2017 birth year

U9 and U10 Traveling

2016 and 2015 birth years

U11 and U12 Traveling

2014 and 2013 birth years

U13 and U14 Traveling

2012 and 2011 birth years

U15+ Traveling

2010-2006 birth years

Frequently asked questions about Traveling Soccer

How is the Traveling Program Organized?

  • Teams are built according to age, gender, skill, and commitment level. The goal is to have each player appropriately placed and challenged while providing a safe and fun environment. We offer various levels based on your child's birth year. 

How many teams do you form in an age group?

  • This is dictated by the number of players at each level. At times we may need to combine birth years to have enough players to form a team. 

How does a team decide what competitive level they will compete at?

  • Teams will be assessed by the Development Committee and placed in appropriate competitive level. 

Can a player play basketball, hockey, dance, or another activity in the winter season and select the YEAR-ROUND development track or be placed on a NAVY/NPL team?

  • Yes for both YEAR-ROUND development track and NAVY/NPL teams. Players must be committed to attending games and practices in season and when available. Excellent communication is essential.

If my child is evaluated and placed on a GOLD team, can she/he participate in the winter programs?

  • Yes, all GOLD team players will have an option to participate in Mini Camps and ADT. These will be a la carte for GOLD teams and will require additional registration and cost.

Where are practices and home games played?

  • At various city and school fields throughout the ISD 719 area. 

Does PLSC use parent coaches?

  • Yes – All coaches, including parent coaches, are required to be licensed and are paid.  As a club, we often NEED parent coaches to fill all coaching positions.

Is there a difference in coaching between the different development tracks and/or team designations?

  • Short answer:  Yes – higher level coaches often prefer to be placed with teams with higher commitment levels.  These coaches have additional expectations and spend more time with players on and off the field due to the additional commitment expected of NAVY team members.

Are there other additional costs on top of registration?

  • Yes.  At times there are additional costs.  These include:
  • Uniform Kit (ordered in October/November every 2 years):  $150.00
  • Tournaments:  Additional tournament costs beyond stipend provided by PLSC is split amongst all members of the team.
  • Coaches travel:  Travel cost, hotel, and a per diem for coaches for away tournaments is split amongst all members of the team.
  • Winter leagues:  split amongst all members of the team.  Many NAVY teams may opt to play in winter leagues  – these would be an additional cost split by all members on the team.  
  • Additional field time:  During winter/early spring, additional gym/turf time may be available – costs split amongst members of the team.


*REGARDING COST AND COMMITMENT:  Please make sure you are aware of the cost and time commitment of the team your child is trying out for.  Our NAVY teams participate in different leagues based on each team’s ability/commitment level, and often find additional opportunities together in the winter months and beyond.  NAVY teams may also have additional coaching fees. ALL NPL teams will have additional costs due to winter leagues and extra training. 

PLSC will attempt to place all players within the club with the goal of finding a team where each player can experience success.